~° #Quote6

~° Am on fire,come save this fire from me °~


Ocean inside °~

~° I close my eyes like am meditating,
Going deeper inside my soul,
But what you can’t see is,
The ocean inside is very very terrible,
It is perishing me,
With every long breath i take °~

First love ♥

A light of your sound,
Softly, fills all my wound,

When I lay in your armes,
After a hectic day,
The happiness I feels,
I cant say

A gentle brush of your fingers in my hairs,
A adorable blow of your “o” shaped lips,
I wana be yours forever,
Our love will stay undefined.

You are my first baby,
You are like my first love.

KBC…why prize money is so big, and still they dont need to pay from their pockets.

WOW MAN this is the story behind KBC …..

You all know KBC is Good Business. But have youever pondered how well????? Any guesses?????
Let’s see… Airtel is charging Rs.6 per SMS sent for this contest.Assuming there are only 100 entries from say 10cities of some 20 districts and 20 states… 6 (Rs. per SMS) x 100 (entries) x 10 (cities) x 20(districts) x 20 (states) i.e. = 6 x 100 x 10 x 20 x 20= Rs.24,00,000.
Rs.24 lakh in just 20 minutes (from people tryingfor the Rs.2 lakh cash prize). Imagine the scenario if1000 entries try out from 100 cities?
The figure simply grows by 2 more zeroes and yields a whopping Rs.24 crore!!!!!
And it does not stop there. In practice, it could beanother multiple of 100 or a multiple of 1000 on anaverage. In that case, it is 24 x 100 crore earningsin just 20 minutes on every episode!!! And the prize money: A mere Rs.2 crore!!!!! (andfrom whose pocket?????)
Smart Business By Siddharth Basu! And the bestpart of the above calculation is just the SM Searning!!!!! What about the Ad money????? A rough annual profit calculation goes like this: (2400 x 5 x 4) (episode/month) x 12 = Rs.5,76,000crore.
Let even 50% get dissolved in taxes and otherpayments; still, you will be left with (whichincludes even the meagre Rs.480 crore of prize money, i.e.,if every episode bags Rs.2 crore prize) –Rs.2,88,000crore profit!!!!! (Only from SMS).
Therefore, a Very Simple Question:”KAUN BANEGACROREPATI” and your options are… A) SONY TV AIRTEL C) AMITABH BACHHAN D) SIDDHARTH BASU Computerji, iska jawab bataiye…. Answer: All FOUR..!!!! ###$$$$$$$$$$$$

Happay teacher’s day Madam

(A speech for my teacher)

Firstly, I would like to give a colossus thanks to authorities or our organisation for givin me chance to elaborate my ideas on this auspicious occasion of teacher’s day.all our country celebrates this day in rememberamce or dr. Sri. radhakrishnan who contibuted his values in field of science.
This day is simply for one who teaches us ways of living, ways of expressing and explorin from our nearby enviornment, and that’s a Teacher.Here, I would like to pay heartiest thanks to madam MADHUR NANGIA, who prowled in our minds and devoted her time and life for welfare of here disciples.She have a calm and quite nature which quenched me as so called meditation.She doesnt teaches us from her subject only, we absorbs much more from section of optimistic advices, suitable directions and healthy knowledge.
We all can clairvoyance our future of being a good human in her shade.Whenever I am in her class or wheresoever I bring her in my sneses I just turn my on cognition mode to grasp the knowledge and social things. She is connoisseur to me I every aspect of life, she helped me in making a contemplated life out of me, and I feel dauntless to try out what she says.After our parents we go in safe hands of a teacher who is responsible for turning clay into pot.She have a good experience of life and teaching, many gems went out to serve with her blessings.I do respect her opinions as a woman, as a teacher and as a motivator.surely, she is amenity of this organisation filled with positive energy and exuberant edibles.Madam, again heartiest thanks to you for being our guide, our friends and person of moral values with us

“If I call us a organisation, we are the beads and you are the diamond pandent of this organisation.With this I would like to give curtain call to my words.
Thanks a lot again , Madam.

Thanks for motivating and guiding me to start this new chapter 🙂