~° Death is certain,she just need an excuse to hit you °~

~° Your parents care so much about your sweets,candy and chocolate eating habits,
What if you are destined to die of diabetes,

When you start smoking,nobody sees or cease you,they just say it gives you high,
And when u smoke like a bitch,they all become top gun from Drug dept.
What if you r willing to die of cancer?
What if you are destined to die of cancer or TB?

When you find yourself dodged in a cul-de-sac of you life situations,
You go to a med. Shop and ask for poison,he never asks if you wanna kill rats from it? He would be counting his pennies only.
You are standing on a railway crossing,driver never stops the train,he just make his horn cry like he is looking at some green flag and he just have to cross it.
What if you r destined to die of a suicide.

Don’t file a murder case on one who stabs me.
Maybe he is helping to meet me with destiny

Eat alot,smoke alot,drink alot,be a nerd,be insane…..your time is on top speed. °~


Save and spend wisely.

Luxmi, a maid in mumbai.She is famous and praised for her work in her category.She can do all her works fluently.But, there is a problem with her.She gets invisible for 2 days in per 10 days.Shez working In this profession for several years, but she is still living in misery, nothing have changed In last 30 yrs.In name of property and luxary, she just has culled some electronic items.
Most of the items she have were gifted by her lords.Behind their misery, her husband is the tons reason for being alcoholic.Most of BPL families have same story.

Lets see the other phase of picture.Harward School Of Public Health made reports of such families of their expenditures for three months.
They asked them to put their monthly salary at safe place, and make a note of all activities where they spend their money.Not a single penny they have to spend wihout notiflying in that diary.
A team of HSPH prawled to see condition of picking dirt? How far they have their homes from gutter holes?They have loo facilities or not?If there are mosquitos? How much humidity walls of their homes are soaking? A new pic appeared after collecting their data.

In a family of 6 members of lower middle class families, they spend 37 percent of their income on medicines.
And in rainy season this percentage accelerates to point of 44 percent.
Main reason of it is unhealthy locality, even they dont care about that.
They dont use mosquito nets, any coils, hardly brooms to sue the dust.
Around 22 percent of money goes to grocery shop.They buy items everyday in tiny amount.if they buy ration for whole month in one go they can spend saved money for spending for next 15 days elsewhere.
18 percent of money they give to peoples from whom they have borrowed last month.They harly borrow maximum 20,000rs.When its turn to pay back, some special day or festival comes around or any emergency comes around.And they have to borrow some money again.
And indian financial commission takes it to grand international levels of nuclear power and import export bonanza.But, truth is that, many internal restrictions are also responsible for our downfall.
Specially, misery of health priorities.
According to Harward studies, from 2012-2030 india will have to borrow 6.2 lakh crore american dollars (its difficult to count that In rupees),which is absolutely unbearable.
This is 9 times more than what we have spent in last 19 years on health terms.And they said it for only major dreadful diseases like cancer, diabetes, aids etc.

I mean to say that, luxmi is just and example, there are millions of luxmis comes under this troll.
I just want to convey that,health is another issue that indian government should put on her concern, otherwise we will have to spend half of our money In fighting with health problems, and still we are spending.