Sea and Shore

​Let me stay in trouble,

Let me learn some more. 

Every wave from the core, 

 Will reach the shore.




O boy! 
Don’t look at me like that, 
With those tiny doped eyes of yours, 
They leave such influence on my mind, 
I feel hallucinated and drunk, 
I have a life beyond our love too, 
How will I face my homies with those affected eyes, 
When you look back at me again and over again,
It makes me prettier than what I am. 

I feel confident enough to walk by your side, 
Yes, sometimes I shrug my shoulders like a baby,
But I know we both are growing up in this love,
And every silent moment with you, 
Adds new chapters to our story, 
Let this story happen, without any words. °~ 
(instagram –  robinn1928) 

~° Masaan °~

​~° Bazar se tu ye kaisa kaisa saman utha laya,

Meri jhonpadi me aag ko mehmaan bana laya,
Me to ek hi charag jalata hu bahar rakhkar,

Tu dikhane ko tamasha sara avaam utha laya,
Tu bhi kar apna shaunk pura kar,

Me bhi purani botal se ek jaam utha laya,
Sab marrey logon ko meri hi jagah milti hai,

Kahan se utha laya,ye masaan utha laya,
Ab sunata rahega sari raat mujhe kahaniyan,

Din bhar se kiske ehsaan utha laya,
Yahan se nikla tab murda hi tha tu,

Uski gali se kya guzra jigar me jaan bana laya,
Dohrata rahega ek hi naam ko bas,

Pata nahi kiske naam ko azaan bana laya. °~

~° Warmth of this love °~

​~° Separation took us away,

Urge brought us together,

Someone you don’t give up on,

Stays forever,

Day was a lame,

And with every touch of yours,

Night gets better,

How come this night came?

We are snuggling in same white sweater.

Your lips are grinding mine,

In this moment,I’ll spend every dime.

You wrap your arms around my neck,

You squirm like a baby,

Like you are making a way to get into my body,

“Shhhhhhh”- you said,

This night will be long,

Our heart beats will make some music,

Our breathing will make a song.

It would look foolish,

But nothing will go wrong. °~

Letter to a lover

~° A letter to a known letterbox. °~

I said holding her fingers on the table – “When you smile with those beautiful lips. I want to leave a lip-print there of mine.”
She took my heart countless number of times with her smile.
She talked while blushing-“What made you think,that I will let you do that?”,and she laughed saying those words.
“I just wanna taste if they are as sweet as what i kissed yesterday night”.
She hit me on my arm(laughing).
“Promise me,you will never change. You have been this to us for more than fifteen years. You have cried with me for all silly reasons,and you have made me laugh too for same silly reasons.  You were always my love,not my husband. You are much better than perfect in my dictionary.”
“Just after taking you in my arms,and then kissing your forehead. I can promise anything to you. Before that i would say I promise that i will keep all my promises with you,I swear.”- I promised.

And she covered my eyes with her hand,and made my forehead wet.
I didn’t open my eyes even when she erased her palm from my eyes.
And i can’t stop smiling,my eyes are still closed. °~