Dont be demanding, be deserving……


World Literacy Day (8th september)

Very first question shoot our mind when we hear 8th sept. (WLD), is What is literacy? and next is,
Who is literate in true means?

Popping to literacy I would like to conclude that, knowledge we get from books, and which is out In world is literacy.
Cogniting our moral duties and our rights to improve life or self and others and help them to meet a already literate world class people and society is literacy.
Literacy doesn’t demand any age, it just need a bit of your concern, passion of learning in mean time.We remian teachers, we remain students throughout our life.We learn from seeing and observing them visually,we learn by listing and many more ways.
Countries are lacking behind when it comes to power, this isn’t because of less weapons and down fall of share market, its because they have a low literacy rate. (I wont talk about india here, it will take whole of my life to explain)

Now, who is literate?
One who knows his/her rights,one who knows his moral duties apart from books is literate.
Reading books thoroughly would not be counted as literacy, till we are not conservative about our rights in society.We should know where we stand, and we should pass this to needy people.
We should make them aware of their rights.If we wont do that our forthcoming generations will lame in this fast growing world.

In morning, I was reading newspaper.A man from middle India have piled up 19 degrees In his register in age of 82.And, I was surprised to see that he wants 20th now.He said there isn’t any age of learning and I surrendered to his words in true means.Now, how much literate he is?
Whatever he have gained from those books, and whatever he have passed to others as a teacher, whatever experiences he took from life made him literate, Books just give us upper knowledge,but world makes us contemplate things, many invisible things too.
Till we wont apply that in our life its safe there I contents of books.

More I would like to add here, that, this day have boundations till schools, collages, universities etc.
What about the rest? What about who are still waiting for it?
What about who never visited school, but their eyes glitters on name of a dream when somebody ask them what they want to be? No one would say I wanna be a begger, a helpless handicapped boy all my life, a ragpicker.No, because they also think that they weren’t born to do that.Their innocent tiny minds cull images of teachers, engineers, doctors, social workers too.
They too have a right to mixup with us, because they are one of us.
Government have passed many schemes to make them study, distribute education, but why they still unaware of it?
Its because of us, the literate generation, fat going fat, skinny going skinny, thats it.
Yes they are always up for studying and dreaming, even when they sleep or they beg, or they work on stalls they keep on dreaming like us.
They are curious to have books in their hands, but everytime they aleator the cruel times..
Everything shouldn’t be left on time, its time for them to wake up now, to be literate.
Teach them to see dreams, teach them to go for it.