Letter to a lover

~° A letter to a known letterbox. °~

I said holding her fingers on the table – “When you smile with those beautiful lips. I want to leave a lip-print there of mine.”
She took my heart countless number of times with her smile.
She talked while blushing-“What made you think,that I will let you do that?”,and she laughed saying those words.
“I just wanna taste if they are as sweet as what i kissed yesterday night”.
She hit me on my arm(laughing).
“Promise me,you will never change. You have been this to us for more than fifteen years. You have cried with me for all silly reasons,and you have made me laugh too for same silly reasons.  You were always my love,not my husband. You are much better than perfect in my dictionary.”
“Just after taking you in my arms,and then kissing your forehead. I can promise anything to you. Before that i would say I promise that i will keep all my promises with you,I swear.”- I promised.

And she covered my eyes with her hand,and made my forehead wet.
I didn’t open my eyes even when she erased her palm from my eyes.
And i can’t stop smiling,my eyes are still closed. °~


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