~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter5) °~

~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter5) °~

I was deadly drunk,away from home for 5 days.Though,i was in same town.
I didnt have courage to come back and unlock the door without you.Either i want you to enter with me,or i wanna see you when i open it,sitting,bored…..and when i drop my bag down,you just swung your arms around me and say-“Day was empty.”
This home seems hell without you,dont leave me alone here please.
I can’t tell this thing to anyone else,tuck this secret of mine in your mind.I am scared,i am worried about you when you are not around.
I dont even remember what i did in that chunk of hangover.
Did i call you?If you picked up,did i say any bad words to you?
Did u hangup crying?
When you are coming back to home?
I miss you everytime when i think of anything,do anything,or not doing anything.
Am got some mental sickness back then,they say its some psychotic disorder.
Its not like that,its just your absence.
And if you are not coming back on any T&C,just ask them to refer me to some mental hospital.
And make sure i nevee come back again…….



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