~° #letter3 °~

~° A letter to a known’s letterbox °~

You happened so right to me,at very right time.
To yourself you happened grossly wrong.You planned it so long before you left. You told me everything is alright,and a night came when you said you won’t be answering from now on,you won’t be able to write back.
From that day on I wrote hundreds of letters to your  address. You never said about your well being,you didn’t say a word about your well being.
I knew what was wrong,i knew it from the beginning.
Nothing have changed except your absence. Air is there,water is there,but what I have turned into,people sit very less there,they talk very less,i am losing time in being me.
Am trying to adapt new me,I don’t know if I will be comfortable with that.
I eat occasionally,i smoke often.
I know you weren’t in love with smell of a puff,nor I am.
I say yes am listening,but am running after you in my mind to stop you from drowning.

All else is at its place,air is there,water is there……..and i can’t abide this chase,its there as well…..


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