~° A letter to a known letter box.(#letter1) °~

Summer is at its peak,and i hope you are not sweating at all.You got transferred to city,compared to village there is less loadshading problem. I know you miss abusing electricity department.He told my you are being extra homely now,no walking out,sitting in bed all day,raising your neck to the tv on wall all the time like a crane for rain.One who are left there with you dont speak sufficient,or they keep on babbling what you dont hear with any such interest.That has made you sick too,your drawer is full of medicines prescribed by doctors from all the town.
I know you can’t forget him,you spent almost 65 years of your life with him and when you needed him,when you wanted to take care of him,he is not there.
Its a very long time to fall in love with a person,be in love till the and of your life,falling again and again for the same person.
You think he is in oblivion now and watching you from there,I know i dont believe in before life or afterlife,but i will say for your happiness and your contentment,yes he is waving to you from there.
Kids visit you at weekends,you want to be with them for rest of time you are left with. But you cant say it to them,coz you taught them that there is no good life without a stand,money and work.
But without caring about anything unacceptable,I wanna take care of you.
I know how people feel when they are about to leave and we know they wont be there anymore.
I dont know how to cook delicious,like you do.But,I can make meals on your instructions.
I know you remember the time you lived with your kids,family,and cattle. How you raised us all,and we are not there for you.
Just say ‘YES’ only,when you write back.
I know this will put a smile on your wrinkled and toothless face,and that’s what am dying to see. Just be happy that am coming back to you.
As summer will go down,and am there.I will take you upstairs,I know you love seeing kites in sky,and I love flying kites,I wanna fill us with that happiness.
You,me,kite and sky…… :0)
See you soon.



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