~° She was different °~

~° She was just like you,
only difference was,
her hair,nails,her heart,her profound eyes,heart full of love and compassion,tears,no tears when she wanted to tell she is strong enough,her lips,her breath,her bit short height,her way of cuddling,her way of singing,her way to articulate,that smile of hers,that very black tea she used to make,her way of calling my names,her way of reckoning,her way of drinking and smoking,her was of stepping out of a bus,her way of sneezing,her way of telling all the truth with her eyes,her way of confessing,way she painted her nails,way she used to scream when she was happy,the way she reads her books,way she decorates her home,posters on her walls,100s of coffee mugs,her fragrance,warmth of her lap,her typewriter,quotes she wrote,poets she read to me,she was a part of me,i was part of her,so on……on and on and on….
Still just like you °~


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