~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter5) °~

~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter5) °~

I was deadly drunk,away from home for 5 days.Though,i was in same town.
I didnt have courage to come back and unlock the door without you.Either i want you to enter with me,or i wanna see you when i open it,sitting,bored…..and when i drop my bag down,you just swung your arms around me and say-“Day was empty.”
This home seems hell without you,dont leave me alone here please.
I can’t tell this thing to anyone else,tuck this secret of mine in your mind.I am scared,i am worried about you when you are not around.
I dont even remember what i did in that chunk of hangover.
Did i call you?If you picked up,did i say any bad words to you?
Did u hangup crying?
When you are coming back to home?
I miss you everytime when i think of anything,do anything,or not doing anything.
Am got some mental sickness back then,they say its some psychotic disorder.
Its not like that,its just your absence.
And if you are not coming back on any T&C,just ask them to refer me to some mental hospital.
And make sure i nevee come back again…….



~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter4) °~

~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter4) °~

From the terrace i see,i just can see heads of people,like they r walking with no feets.
Roof of mercedes,dont know whoz sitting in there,I dont have anything to do with what they are talking with their seat belts stiched to their shoulders.
Spoiler leaving black smoke,and that doesnt take seconds to take colour of air,that we r breathing.Dont know how many million spoilers are spoiling this amenity.
I dont give a hoot to what happens when people get ill with CO they are inhaling everytime.They are the one who are combusting nature.

There comes a cat from left side of lane,strolling to right side.She have a fear from notoriously hungry dogs.
And she accomplished it,she should be bestowed by that traffic inspector,who saw her going under the wheels.
He is busy in making money,taking it from up the table,under the table,and who doesn’t ask for a lisence from person on feets,or cat on paws,ahaaa they got perks of poverty.

And there comes a dame,she is preety groomed.No,i didnt see her face,just head…but she tilted it up,she looked at me,oh no,not me,her boyfriend is waving from window,just on floor down mine.
I saw him many a times,coming through stairs,and going upstairs to terrace.
He lits his cigarette there.He too mix some smoke same like, spoilers on heavy butts of motors.

Good luck to your lungs Mr. Smoker,i know you have decided to paint your lungs black same as colour of your untrimmed beard.

There comes an oldie,looking up at turning to brown sky.He raise is hands,and he murmured something.He enchanted name of his god.
I saw him for an hour or maybe more. Old age has made him lethargic,he is standing with his back against an electric pole.
He reckoned for a taxi,taxi stops,he goes in,closes his window. Then he spits out,making face like yeah i got my taxi,now keep rolling driver until my door come.
I waved at him,though he doesnt care much about me,like i dont put my sheer concern about so many things.
Reach home safely oldie….goodbye.


~° #letter3 °~

~° A letter to a known’s letterbox °~

You happened so right to me,at very right time.
To yourself you happened grossly wrong.You planned it so long before you left. You told me everything is alright,and a night came when you said you won’t be answering from now on,you won’t be able to write back.
From that day on I wrote hundreds of letters to your  address. You never said about your well being,you didn’t say a word about your well being.
I knew what was wrong,i knew it from the beginning.
Nothing have changed except your absence. Air is there,water is there,but what I have turned into,people sit very less there,they talk very less,i am losing time in being me.
Am trying to adapt new me,I don’t know if I will be comfortable with that.
I eat occasionally,i smoke often.
I know you weren’t in love with smell of a puff,nor I am.
I say yes am listening,but am running after you in my mind to stop you from drowning.

All else is at its place,air is there,water is there……..and i can’t abide this chase,its there as well…..

~° A letter to a known letterbox. (#letter2) °~

Sleeping Lady Phantom,

You fell asleep in the middle of our funny alluring conversation.
While am writing this,you are in your dreams.
Sigh,we see far better dreams while we are awake. And that is a dream too, we are accomplishing while we held our head against each others. I wish that you see some zombie looking for you to chop your head,and when he is about to strangle you…..just very near.You will wake from that nightmare,and you will see me smile at your beautiful horrified face. And you will hug me and i will say let’s not sleep again,or this time he will take off you head hahaha…..
No its not a night dreams,you have a habit of sleeping now and then,wherever you get a bed you are in a hurry to push me in bed,cuddle me,bury your nose and my chest,there you breathe louder than you do generally. You start a talk,your words are breaking,you squint in the middle,and you ask me to repeat what u just said. I repeat many things,many a times before you fall asleep. I know you can’t help it,you are a bear who ate so much in morning and now looking for a cave to take a nap.

I am reading the same book that you were reading since this morning. You were so nervous all the time,you didn’t even had you meals,you added extra sugar to you coffee,though you are a very sweet but sugar-free-coffee person.
I am looking for lines that made you so hectic,so petrified.
Am about to finish this up,I think that book wasn’t for you hon.
You bought it seeing that its from your favourite author. What he wrote in it is his problem,its problem of many who have resembling blasts in life.
You are taking it in you head the way it shouldn’t be taken,please don’t choose such ways to help yourself for falling in something so dark.

These this brown hair of yours,like the were dipped in a copper drum.
Thank you for hating mascara so much,you look soothingly beautiful without it. I know there is a lot of fear left in you than love.
I promise anything won’t startle you when you will be awake next time. I will fill you in my arms like a daddy picks his little daughter in his arms. Nobody will touch you,nothing will come your way when am standing here with you.

Am putting this letter under same pen that you gave me on my birthday. And leaving your favourite flowers at the tip of its nib,lilies and tulips.
Don’t wakeup to sit in bed for one more hour hahaha….


~° A letter to a known letter box.(#letter1) °~

Summer is at its peak,and i hope you are not sweating at all.You got transferred to city,compared to village there is less loadshading problem. I know you miss abusing electricity department.He told my you are being extra homely now,no walking out,sitting in bed all day,raising your neck to the tv on wall all the time like a crane for rain.One who are left there with you dont speak sufficient,or they keep on babbling what you dont hear with any such interest.That has made you sick too,your drawer is full of medicines prescribed by doctors from all the town.
I know you can’t forget him,you spent almost 65 years of your life with him and when you needed him,when you wanted to take care of him,he is not there.
Its a very long time to fall in love with a person,be in love till the and of your life,falling again and again for the same person.
You think he is in oblivion now and watching you from there,I know i dont believe in before life or afterlife,but i will say for your happiness and your contentment,yes he is waving to you from there.
Kids visit you at weekends,you want to be with them for rest of time you are left with. But you cant say it to them,coz you taught them that there is no good life without a stand,money and work.
But without caring about anything unacceptable,I wanna take care of you.
I know how people feel when they are about to leave and we know they wont be there anymore.
I dont know how to cook delicious,like you do.But,I can make meals on your instructions.
I know you remember the time you lived with your kids,family,and cattle. How you raised us all,and we are not there for you.
Just say ‘YES’ only,when you write back.
I know this will put a smile on your wrinkled and toothless face,and that’s what am dying to see. Just be happy that am coming back to you.
As summer will go down,and am there.I will take you upstairs,I know you love seeing kites in sky,and I love flying kites,I wanna fill us with that happiness.
You,me,kite and sky…… :0)
See you soon.