~° Santa!! U r drunkard :D

Santa !!
You look in real black mood today,what happened?
You wear black hat,
Your closet is full of black attire,
You have changed you vehicle,
You have got wolves as your engines,
Are you zonked old man?
You r not happy,not even saying your ho ho hooo,
And santa grumbled at last….

People want expensive gifts today,and am out of money these day 😀
I spent all my money getting my new black outfits tailored,and now i don’t like them 😀
Am feelings like going to some party,but i don’t even have any heir who will do my job tonight 😦 😀
As i was never married 😀
I was cutting woods so i can conclude some cash and buy some gifts,I don’t wanna ditch little babies 😦 xD
They are waiting for me in their bed,
And this hangover looks so stubborn today 😀
Can’t they buy it online?I dont wanna go to their door with this wine stinking face,and beard that got dipped in beer jar when i was struggling to drink it. ~,~? 😦 😀
Now i will be visiting them on 27th 😦 😀
Bah hah hah hah hah……….


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