~° Death is certain,she just need an excuse to hit you °~

~° Your parents care so much about your sweets,candy and chocolate eating habits,
What if you are destined to die of diabetes,

When you start smoking,nobody sees or cease you,they just say it gives you high,
And when u smoke like a bitch,they all become top gun from Drug dept.
What if you r willing to die of cancer?
What if you are destined to die of cancer or TB?

When you find yourself dodged in a cul-de-sac of you life situations,
You go to a med. Shop and ask for poison,he never asks if you wanna kill rats from it? He would be counting his pennies only.
You are standing on a railway crossing,driver never stops the train,he just make his horn cry like he is looking at some green flag and he just have to cross it.
What if you r destined to die of a suicide.

Don’t file a murder case on one who stabs me.
Maybe he is helping to meet me with destiny

Eat alot,smoke alot,drink alot,be a nerd,be insane…..your time is on top speed. °~


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