~° Pehchaan

~° Lo zara si baat par barso ka yaarana gaya,
Ankhein bandh thi,fir bhi koi pehchana gaya °~


~° #Quote5

~° To find out amount of sufferings of a suicidal person is nearly equal to making sketch from a cigarette’s smoke. °~

~° #Quote4

~° All the good i know about you,isn’t the only thing i wanted to know,i know alot more but I wanna hear that from you,good is easy to talk,weak and bad is hard to change. Your lips will shiver and your words will break,your eyes will shed tears,let it happen like this.
When you stop being weak,there comes the strength. Your nose will go red,your body will shiver too,you can lean against me.
Am going weaker too,am shivering too,words breaking,nose getting red,but don’t make me shed tears,its already so cold,and when tears dries on your cheeks,cold wind comes straight like slaps,i don’t want her to touch me like that °~

~° Parindaa #poem °~

~° Parindaa ye bandish me hai,
Aap beeti sunayega kuch to,

Kya kya beeti pinjre me,
Batayega kuch to,

Pehli dafa mili hai nazar se,
Nazar jhukegi sharmayega kuch to,

Jaalsazi ka shikar hai,
Tadap k dikhayega kuch to,

Ab bolega,tab bolega,kab bolega?
Jab bolega,rulayega kuch to,

Bada khush hai,zindagi ki bahon me hai,
Zinda hai,zinda hai,mar jayega kuch to,

Ab ankhon k samne nahi rehta,chala gaya
Jab bahut der hojayegi “Kadian”
Wapas,ajayega kuch to °~

~° Loiter °~

~° The ups of my down swings are bizarre,
The downs of my up swings are like a rolling car,

The harder I stick to them,
More they take me far,

I broke up with my bed for a mug of coffee,
And i cheated me there,by holding a jar,

Mattress in my room was soft,silky green
I turned its colour,and now its tar,

My mind get real slow like i have got alzheimer attack,
Sometimes,thoughts blaze like shooting star,

I open the door to my balcony,
To see where that sparrow is singing,
Who was shouting like a nomads,
I stick to the railing folding my arms,
And i forget what u came to find here,like….
Like a Loiter °~