Lady in a night club ♥~

Am just out of blue bath tub,
Catch me up at o’9, in the club,
I will go nude,
Act so lewd,
Look up dude,
But am not a prude,
Lights on the dance floor,
Let me shake, I am crude,
Beer jugs,
Promisable hugs,
Mast wearing thugs,
Body against the walls, overwhelming kinky rubs,
Smoking weeds,
Am not for kids,
Its a late night party, u will appreciate my deeds,
Stress is lost in loud music,
I cant hear, what all day risk,
I have lost my little paws,
I am a big big lady, somehow
I do romance,
Ballet dance,
Hit me again, if u get that chance.
I am back to my way (home),
Nothing left to say,
Saw in the mirror,
Cried cracking the glass, taking out pieces outta my palm,
Glared and astonished,
What a night PAY ●~


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