Happay teacher’s day Madam

(A speech for my teacher)

Firstly, I would like to give a colossus thanks to authorities or our organisation for givin me chance to elaborate my ideas on this auspicious occasion of teacher’s day.all our country celebrates this day in rememberamce or dr. Sri. radhakrishnan who contibuted his values in field of science.
This day is simply for one who teaches us ways of living, ways of expressing and explorin from our nearby enviornment, and that’s a Teacher.Here, I would like to pay heartiest thanks to madam MADHUR NANGIA, who prowled in our minds and devoted her time and life for welfare of here disciples.She have a calm and quite nature which quenched me as so called meditation.She doesnt teaches us from her subject only, we absorbs much more from section of optimistic advices, suitable directions and healthy knowledge.
We all can clairvoyance our future of being a good human in her shade.Whenever I am in her class or wheresoever I bring her in my sneses I just turn my on cognition mode to grasp the knowledge and social things. She is connoisseur to me I every aspect of life, she helped me in making a contemplated life out of me, and I feel dauntless to try out what she says.After our parents we go in safe hands of a teacher who is responsible for turning clay into pot.She have a good experience of life and teaching, many gems went out to serve with her blessings.I do respect her opinions as a woman, as a teacher and as a motivator.surely, she is amenity of this organisation filled with positive energy and exuberant edibles.Madam, again heartiest thanks to you for being our guide, our friends and person of moral values with us

“If I call us a organisation, we are the beads and you are the diamond pandent of this organisation.With this I would like to give curtain call to my words.
Thanks a lot again , Madam.

Thanks for motivating and guiding me to start this new chapter 🙂


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