First love ♥

A light of your sound,
Softly, fills all my wound,

When I lay in your armes,
After a hectic day,
The happiness I feels,
I cant say

A gentle brush of your fingers in my hairs,
A adorable blow of your “o” shaped lips,
I wana be yours forever,
Our love will stay undefined.

You are my first baby,
You are like my first love.


Hooting blood ♥~

Tear up the muscles,
and gain the pain
No single effort of you,
go in vains
Be the man to stand…….run again
Your have all ur credentials in your veins,
Blood is hooting,
Dont be a saint

Lady in a night club ♥~

Am just out of blue bath tub,
Catch me up at o’9, in the club,
I will go nude,
Act so lewd,
Look up dude,
But am not a prude,
Lights on the dance floor,
Let me shake, I am crude,
Beer jugs,
Promisable hugs,
Mast wearing thugs,
Body against the walls, overwhelming kinky rubs,
Smoking weeds,
Am not for kids,
Its a late night party, u will appreciate my deeds,
Stress is lost in loud music,
I cant hear, what all day risk,
I have lost my little paws,
I am a big big lady, somehow
I do romance,
Ballet dance,
Hit me again, if u get that chance.
I am back to my way (home),
Nothing left to say,
Saw in the mirror,
Cried cracking the glass, taking out pieces outta my palm,
Glared and astonished,
What a night PAY ●~

Let me die ♥●~

A little heart, with super noise
Kid switched between, cozy toys
Fatal deeds, punky boys
You picked me up your funny choice
My life mounted with, unwanted spys
Time am fighting, as a battle of troy
I have a secret that always annoys
Just pack up the drama, and let me die
Let me see, who miss me?
Let me see who enjoys?  ●~